Psalm 26

Psalm 26

Judge me, O Lord;

for I have walked in mine integrity:

I have trusted also in the Lord;

therefore I shall not slide.

(Psalm 26:1)

Mighty God – Righteous Judge,

I will stand before you one day to give an account of my life. Be merciful to me. I try each day to be faithful to you, to love my neighbors and to do what is right. I am confronted with many temptations each day. If I should slide, place my feet on the straight and narrow path. I will place my trust in you, O Lord. I will live with honor and integrity. Make me an example for others to follow.




– What do I do each day to live an upright and virtuous life?

– How do I consciously place temptations behind me?

– Trusting in God is easy. That is the first step in a faithful life.


Moving Forward:

– I will read Psalm Twenty-Six and find one way to become an even more honorable person in the sight of God and the eyes of my family and friends.


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